…dealing with change

Dealing with change is hard for morst human beings. They close their eyes and hope that it will not happen. They do not want to see it happen – and it does.

Change is considered as uncomfortable. Having to rethink, to change habits, to enter unknown space. People already living in discomfort, therefore being very unhappy – still tend to keep things as they are. Why? They know their situation and accept it as the unknown seems even more uncomfortable.

I know this situation. When my grandmother was dying I did not in the least want to accept it. She died – and I was desperate. My situation would have been different if I had accepted the course of events right from the start. In the following years I realised this, and changes did no longer hit that hard.

One day, my boss recommended the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson. He seemed thrilled by the book that had been handed out during a workshop. It is an amazing book that I highly recommend. I just regretted that I had not known about the book years before. On the other hand I had reached some of the stated conclusions on my own.

Dealing with change can be challenging, sure. It provides you with lots of incredible opportunities, though.


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