As a true coffee addict – I am glad that coffee officially belongs to the staples. It is even healthy to have four mugs a day. A toast to our scientists who detected that coffee can be a cure as well.

It is just great to start the coffee maker, listen to the internal coffee grinder, inhale the scent of the coffee beans, then listen to the coffee pouring into your mug. Even writing this makes me yearn for the next mug.

To make drinking coffee a real delightful experience you need excellent coffee. I always buy 100% Arabica from my barista of choice: Amir (owner of “Amir der Kaffeemann”) in Erlangen. His café is defnitely the best in the region. Amir celebrates every mug he prepares. He is a passionate barista and sells excellent coffee roasts provided by a coffee-roasting establishment in Nuremberg.

In Ireland, I also enjoy stopping by an Insomnia café. Aren’t the walnut banana muffins yummy?! 😉 Holding a cup of steaming coffee is somewhat comforting. Especially during a hectic week at the office, I need to step out for a while to recharge my inner battery. Please do not get me wrong – I just need coffee to raise my spirits. Coffee does not make me tired or awake – I just love it.

“Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.” (Star Trek: Voyager)


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