…Irish Spring 2012

On checking my calendar I found my notes regarding the Irish Spring Festival 2012. On reading them I could again the atmosphere at the venue. It is nice to think about this remarkable evening.

Date: 2012-03-15
Location: Roth, Kulturfabrik

What a nice gift! Two cards for Wolfgang and for myself. About a fortnight before I watched a documentary about Ireland on TV. Among others their was a report about the Henry Girls. Brilliant.

When handed the evening’s programme I was speechless: Fidil, Henry Girls, Tulsk.

A truly enchanting concert began. Fidil (http://fidilmusic.com/fidil/) was living proof that fiddles are not annoying at all – on the contrary. We learned that fiddles can sing, cheer, and cry.

The Henry Girls (http://www.thehenrygirls.com/) presented several songs in English and Gaelic. One of the latter is a classic – unfortunately I cannot remember the song’s name. It is a song that just goes under your skin. I really should learn Gaelic some day.

The following pause was spent waiting in the Guinness queue.

Tulsk (http://tulskmusic.com/) was also terrific. Emma O’Sullivan (http://www.emmaosullivan.com/dance/) was just breathtaking.

The last song was presented by all of them. Time went by way too fast.

Afterwards I bought their latest CDs. Wolfgang organised Fidil and Tulsk autographs. I chatted with the Henry Girls – and certainly got their autographs as well. I truly hope to meet them again.


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