…Fantasy Film Festival 2012, Nuremberg

The 2012 Fantasy Film Festival (Fantasy Filmfest) once again proved to be an event I would not have wanted to miss.

Imagine watching 14 movies within 8 days. In reality this meant watching 14 movies on 6 days as we decided to pause on Monday and Tuesday. A friend even watched 22 movies between 2012-09-06 and 2012-09-13. Apart from occasional weekends this is really an exceptional phase.

This was this years foreword by the “Fantasy Filmfest” team:

“Socially integrated vampires, zombies in need of care, nuns with guns and David Hasselhoff as himself – looks like Fantasy Filmfest is coming to town!

Beginning with coolly mad SIGHTSEERS and ending with madly cool THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS many of our films are premieres. Centerpiece BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is simply stunning: our Director’s Spotlight CHAINED honors Jennifer Lynch, different but no less disturbing is Megan Griffiths’ EDEN (Special Premere Screening).

Apart from that we have: warring seniors in COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES; demons, ghosts and amazingly animated pics. Beware of teenagers (VIOLET & DAISY, EXCISION, THE AGGRESSION SCALE) and think twice before a visit to Yorkshire (INBRED, WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT).

Wishing you lots of fun and fearful moments.

Your Fantasy Filmfest team”

These are the movies I watched:

01 Sightseers
02 Cockneys vs. Zombies
03 The Ghostmaker
04 Piranha 3DD
05 Chained
06 Crawl
07 Killer Joe
08 Beasts of the Southern Wild
09 Stitches
10 Girls Against Boys
11 God Bless America
12 Violet and Daisy
13 Grabbers
14 The Baytown Outlaws


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