…end of December

This is a time for recapping, a time to remember this year’s events. There is no need to keep a journal – unless you prefer to reread whatever happened. I like reading in general. I like writing in general. I, for one, do not like writing a diary. I prefer to just remember the good and the bad. Yes, this is important: Do never forget to remember the good things. It is human to rather remember the bad things. They are more dominant. You remember more clearly if someone was rude than if someone was really kind. Why do we always want to analyze the bad – never analyze the good things that happen?

What is the point? Recap – and move on. Or – if you prefer a more lyric approach ‘Cast a cold Eye on Life, on Death. Horseman, pass by!’ (W.B. Yeats: http://www.poetsgraves.co.uk/yeats.htm)
I am not talking about forgetting – rather about closure. Something bad is not exclusively bad, there may always be something good. I lost my father in April. It was hard for all of us. It was certainly a relief for him – as he abhorred immobility. He certainly loathed being pitied. We miss him. And we remember his mobility, his striving for knowledge, his spirit of adventure. Even if you know that something is going to happen there will be grief. My father will never be forgotten.

What else happened this year (on a personal level; a global level would lead too far…): We spent a wonderful time in London, in Dublin; my daughter passed an important exam; wonderful friends proved to be the best friends you can imagine; and there were also many minor things happening throughout the year.

Now it is time to move on, to check out what 2013 has in store.


2 thoughts on “…end of December

  1. Hello Karen…

    That was very touching… You are right in so many levels… We tend to remember the bad things more than the good ones…

    “There is no need to keep a journal – unless you prefer to reread whatever happened”… Life itself is like a book we arite as we live … Time passes by slowly and the characters are real, not fictional. We can choose somehow what to remember as a writer imagine and decide what to add the plot…

    We loose people, but still there are good little things to celebrate each single day… A trip, an exam that a daughter has passed. Minor things also count, but they are mainly forgotten as our memory selects the most important facts…
    Those tiny details are there yet… Everything makes sense if we look at the big picture, teh good and the bad things are part of the same general scheme…

    Being all that said, I hope you keep on remembering towards the future as a new year has just begun…

    Cheers, Aquileana 🙂

    • Hello Aquileana,

      thank you. I usually find closure when musing about the year that is over. In former times, I tended to keep the bad stuff in mind and frequently forgot the good stuff. This has luckily changed.

      Minor things often have a beauty that is truly worth remembering – e.g. a smile, the scent of vanilla, the fragrance of a magnolia, cut grass, etc.

      My ‘Don’t look back in anger.’ is brief for James Thurber’s ‘Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.’

      Cheers, Karen 🙂

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