Winding_Road Contagious_Smile

What is your motivation to continue?!

I am inspired and/or motivated by uncountable things. There is no ranking in the following list…
Among others I am motivated by…
– a catching smile (I remember it – and have to smile as well) 🙂
– the smell of freshly brewed coffee (yummy – a smile or grin of mine is guaranteed)
friends (we are there for each other)
– books (provide inspiration, knowledge, suspense, imagination, etc.)
– respect (for people, animals, plants, environment)
– favourite songs (make me happy)
– nature (alive, alive, oh…)
– weather (constantly changing, not boring at all if you learn to ‘read’ it)
– intellectual curiosity 🙂
– bad things (???) [This is an excellent reason for making things right!]

Motivation is all around us; we just sometimes fail to see it.

A life is not like a straight road. There are winding mountainous parts, side roads, detours, sometimes you get lost – and get back on track. The ups and downs are part of everybody’s life. We are the designers of our life. It takes courage, inspiration, drive, and also the power to relax. Be aware that an artist’s and/or a designer’s work is not always successful. They also know their ups and downs. Downs trigger my motivation to get back on track. It is always worth taking a look at your environment, the people around you. There is always someone who is in a worse situation. This is an excellent opportunity to help. It will make them feel better – and you as well.

Life is not about hiding. Life is about living, listening, learning.


4 thoughts on “…motivation

  1. Nice to see a clearly defined list of what motivates you. It does help. Sadly, I’ve found pain to be the great motivator, but that’s probably what you refer to as “bad things”.

    Like the analogy about life not being a straight road. Many years ago, it was pointed out to me that the only things in life that are straight are man made. Everything else comes from nature, and why should our lives be any different.

    Looking forward to making my way through your back-catablog…

    • Motivating others is hard work. Motivating yourself may be even harder. It depends on the way we see the world around us.

      Even if we produce standards – we achieve the most if we stay flexible in our thoughts, are willing to listen, and to comprehend.

      Best thing is that what motivates us is at the same time pretty inspiring. Have fun reading, Graeme…

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