…New Year 2013


After our New Year’s Eve “Lord of the Rings” marathon and the traditional lentil stew at midnight, the turn of the year started with some quite nice and lengthy fireworks. Living on the 16th floor has its advantages. 😉 We enjoyed an exceptional clear view. The last turns of the year were rather foggy, fireworks were not worth watching at all.

New Year’s Day was rather boring. After several days out of the office we somehow missed the normalcy. After several public holidays in a row it is always hard to get back on track regarding the current day of the week. It is Tuesday, is it? No, it is still Monday…

Back at the office proved to be a rather calm day. Too many colleagues still on vacation, deserted hallways, no ringing phones; an excellent opportunity to get things done.

Being asked about our New Year’s resolutions we realised that we did not have any. Why should we have any? I, for one, decided a while ago that I will always be doing my utmost, full stop.

I have been reconsidering some (personal) traditions, lately. I have come to the conclusion that some of them just do not longer apply – in my case at least. Changing one’s mind can be refreshing. Changing one’s traditions can be rejuvenating.

The “Lord of the Rings” marathon at the end of the year is a kind of tradition. We skipped it in 2011, though.
Having lentil stew at the turn of the year is also a tradition. We have not skipped it, yet.
Not being at work on our respective birthdays is a tradtion that we will certainly not give up.
Visiting all family members around Christmas time is a tradition we terminated several years ago.
(Throughout the year there are more than enough opportunities to meet them…)

You can classify your traditions according to the prior examples:

Keep it – always.
Keep it – occasionally.
Keep it – maybe.
Keep it – not at all.

Partners should agree on the classification – otherwise the situation might get nasty. 😉

Happy 2013!


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