Matilda Starlight_Express

What is contentedness?!

The answer is relatively easy: You are contented if you accept your situation or life with equanimity and satisfaction. (source: Dictionary.com)

Despite this definition, people always complain. “Life is so boring.”, they say. Others live a seemingly boring life – and are not bored at all. Considering this I came to the conclusion that I would not want to change places with anyone else. I like what I am doing and/or when I am doing it. I used to pity friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc. who live their life differently. As long as they do not complain – I will no longer pity them. I, for one, like spontaneous trips (e.g. a trip to London to attend the musical “Matilda” [left picture; http://uk.matildathemusical.com/], or a trip to Bochum to attend “Starlight Express” [right picture; http://www.starlight-express.de/]). Others prefer more classic stuff. I like exploring other locations. I like to mingle with the locals. Others prefer to travel as part of a group. I adore spending time in bookshops and computer shops, whereas I cannot stand shopping for shoes.

Contentedness is something very individual. And it can differ from day-to-day. 🙂

Some people’s lifestyles strike me as weird. I tend to admit that they might think the same about mine. 😉

Sometimes I feel like I should throw in my two cents. Knowing that I might be about to tread a fine line between recommending something and offending someone, I have to decide if I really want to ‘interfere’. As they know me, they have normally realised that I have my own way of thinking, handling stuff. Therefore, the danger of offending them is rather small. Those who complain either do not dare to do what they would like to do or – sometimes they just do not want to face the effort a change would mean. A real pity, as they do not know what they will be missing. Oops, I do no longer pity them – no way. Who knows, perhaps this is in fact my secret New Year’s resolution.


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