Haley House – Bakery Café

Haley House logo

Haley House logo


This year’s birthday gift was a trip to Boston. On 2013-03-07, blizzard Nemo was already done with. However, Triton started that day. As we landed at Logan airport, there was no more than a slight drizzle. When we finally left the airport, it was snowing heavily.
Next morning we went to Roxbury. I had heard and/or read (thank you, Steve) about the Haley House Bakery Café (http://haleyhouse.org/bakery_cafe) and wanted to support the good cause – despite the still ongoing snowstorm. On our way from the bus terminal we balanced between walls and heaps of snow – the snow had been removed in a width of 40 centimeters, only. The snow heaps on our right were at least 80 centimeters high. As I finally decided to get up my jacket’s hood, I heard a whooshing sound. I was completely covered in snow. A yeti in Boston – at least for a minute. I still shake with laughter remembering this situation. It was funny. Fortunately, we reached Haley House Bakery about two minutes later. We spent two hours there, sipping really good coffee, enjoying great food (e.g. ‘Wicked Good Curry Chicken w/ green apples, currants, and coconut’, ‘Caesar Wrap w/ croutons, Asiago cheese, and vegan Caesar dressing’, ‘Baby Spinach Wrap w/ tomato, mozzarella, carrot, cucumber, and balsamic dressing’, ‘Dade Street Grilled Cheese w/ mozzarella, pesto, and tomato’, ‘BBQ Chicken Quesadilla w/ tomato, red onion, cheddar, and BBQ sauce’, ‘Dilled Albacore Tuna Garden salad w/ romaine, cucumber, carrot, onion, and peanut vinaigrette’, ‘Banana Walnut Muffin’), and a very nice chat with Bing. We left smiling and with a new T-shirt sporting the Haley House logo. We are looking forward to meeting Bing and the Haley House Bakery staff again!

What we really liked about Haley House:
We felt truly welcome. Everybody was in a good mood. You can see, taste, and feel the motto: “We believe in food with purpose and the power of community.” Vegetarians and vegans also find lots of yummy meals.
“Good food. Good business.” They are absolutely right. The Haley House Bakery Café is always worth a visit. 🙂

After 28 hours it finally stopped snowing. More than 80 centimeters of snow had come down. Luckily the temperatures rose and melt the snow away. It was spring when we left. Boston is a great city. We hope to revisit Boston, soon.

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