My first books were picture books. The pictures were quite nice, true. I was searching for something more interesting. I was constantly trying to get hold of the newspaper. As my father preferred to read it without interruptions I finally got my first book with pictures and texts. You can imagine what happened next: I started asking about every word. Which word is this? What about that long word at the end of the line? My family gave in and started explaining all the letters. I soon read my books on my own. My father had to hide the newspaper as he did not want me to read about all the bad news. I got hold of my brother’s ‘Learn how to drive’ book – and could have passed the theory. Afterwards I was granted new books on a weekly basis. At school, I earned the best marks regarding correct writing and rather bad marks for my rather ugly handwriting. 😉

I am as keen on reading as ever. If possible, I read in the original language. The Scandinavian authors need to forgive me for reading their work in English. 😉

There is so much to read about: fiction (crime, adventure, fantasy, blogs, etc.), non-fiction (linguistics, biographies, countries, project management, lessons learned databases, statistics, animals, psychology, economy, blogs, etc.). Most topics are suitable for fast reading. I like books – our so-called library contains thousands, I like eBook readers, reading on smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Whatever might be worth reading will certainly be read. Despite my husband’s desperation regarding the number of books – I can assure you that he is the first one to lure me into a bookstore. At the same time it is absolutely sure that he is going to find the most interesting book available.

Books are a true addiction. Some readers prefer fiction; others would never read anything else than non-fiction. Reading assists you in learning, reading makes you understand, reading is a wonderful pastime, and – reading is an excellent basis for discussions.

Now I am inclined to grab a coffee and one of my reading devices.

Hope to read you.


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