Boston impressions – March 2013

From Triton to spring within a week:  2013-03-07 until 2013-07-14

We spent a truly awesome week thanks to all the people we met (among others) in Roxbury, @ Haley House, @ T.G.I.Friday’s, @ Sorrelle’s, @ CEX, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Salem,  Boston as a whole, etc.  🙂

Triton is not over, yet.

Triton is not over, yet.  (2013-03-08)

Cambridge, campus gate

Cambridge, campus gate  (2013-03-08)

'Little Big Ben' - the day after Triton

‘Little Big Ben’ and the Beantown Pub – the day after Triton (2013-03-09)

Hyannis, Maritime Museum

Cape Cod Maritime Museum (2013-03-09)


Cheers! (2013-03-10)

Friendship of Salem

Friendship of Salem (2013-03-12)

It's spring time!  (2013-03-13)

It’s spring time! (2013-03-13)

View from Prudential Tower (2013-03-14)

View from Prudential Tower (2013-03-14)


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