special occasions

If anything was only half as reliable as change…  😉

The meaning of special occasion has considerably changed over the years.  The time span between a (recurring) special occasion is diminishing.  Once, the beginning of a new decade was such a special occasion.  New Year celebrations at the beginning of a decade were more festive than the New Year celebrations in between.  Olympic years were more exciting than they are today.  Why?  There are World Cups, European Championships, national championships, etc.  We have the constant pleasure to watch exciting events.  X-mas used to be very special as well.  We had to dress up, the family really united at one location, presents were only provided on birthdays and on X-mas.  Sundays were also special.  The best (and probably most expensive) food was presented, a perfect occasion to spend some time together.  Special seemed big, something to look forward to.

Special occasion!

Special occasion!

Nowadays, everything is made a special occasion.  Something special and/or special occasion is often equal to special deal or simply to sale.

‘It’s Monday!  Buy these apples and get a box of chocolates for free!’ – or – ‘It’s Tuesday evening!  We offer you a tapas flatrate from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm!’

As everything is conveniently made special for us, nothing does really seem special any more.  To win back a special occasion, you need to be spontaneous.  Use adequate circumstances to turn something nice into something special e.g. the kids are in bed, the phones need to be charged (you cannot be reached! ;-)) and/or are off the hook – and just do something that would normally not be possible.

One definition of special for me is:  quality time
Quality time means:  There is no rush, time to think, time to be inspired, time to read, time to have some excellent coffee.  🙂

Times change, opportunities change, and we change.  And this is not necessarily disadvantageous.

How do you nowadays define special and/or treat yourself with a special occasion?


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