The Stranger You Know – Jane Casey

Jane Casey’s books are worth reading! Thanks to Rhian Davies you now know why. 🙂

It's a crime! (Or a mystery...)

Jane Casey’s Maeve Kerrigan series takes us into the heart of a London Metropolitan Police investigation through the eyes of a lower-ranking officer, Detective Constable Kerrigan.

Born of Irish parents and brought up in London, Kerrigan’s struggle to find her home – her true ‘fit’ – also plays out in the workplace where the strident and effusive sexism of her immediate boss, Detective Inspector Josh Derwent comes from another age.  (Before the razor was invented.)

By the fourth in this series, Kerrigan has experienced a stalker, moved home more than once and bedded down into a relationship with a colleague that saw him shunted off into another team.  Not an easy life.

So why has this series gained such a loyal following?  Kerrigan’s plucky, has good instincts and has a naturally sharp and witty tongue.

In The Stranger You Know, Kerrigan is hunting a killer.  Three different cases across…

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