Birthday trip to Lake Brombach

This year, we decided to surprise our friend Lisa with a tour to Lake Brombach (“Brombachsee”).  The weatherman had promised a bright and sunny day, so we started early.  The first regional train was delayed due to construction works.  Therefore, arriving 15 minutes later than planned at Nuremberg main station, we missed our connecting regional express to Pleinfeld by seconds.  Fortunately there was another train heading in the same direction several minutes afterwards.  In Pleinfeld, we had to wait not longer than five minutes to board the train to Ramsberg.

Arrival at Ramsberg

Arrival at Ramsberg


Four minutes later, we reached Ramsberg.  Right behind Ramsberg station you feel welcome by just glimpsing this house.  The dogs at the entrance are carved in wood.







More wooden works of art

More wooden works of art within the fence


Here are some more carved pieces.  Very nice!  🙂

In order to get to the Ramsberg levee at lake Brombach we needed to go up the street.  Luckily, we already knew that the road was leading us upward.  It was rather steep and Mara, Lisa’s seven-year-old daughter, soon started complaining.  😉


At the roundabout we turned half right, down the street to the centre of Ramsberg.



The Goat Well ("Goaß-Brunnen")

The Goat Well (“Goaß-Brunnen”)


This well near the tourist centre is nice, is it?

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was common knowledge that the soil in and around Ramsberg was rather sandy i.e. not really fertile.  Even the goat did not want to live there.  The goat-herder needed all his strength.





Brombach trimaran approaching

Brombach trimaran approaching


At Ramsberg levee we had to wait some minutes.   The Brombach trimaran arrived about three minutes late.  Together with a little more than 100 fellow passengers we went on board.












Throughout the first part of our journey we had been outside on the upper deck, enjoying the light breeze, and all getting a little sunburnt.  😉








At Enderndorf, Mara enjoyed 30 minutes of bungee trampoline.  (archive photograph,



The sandy beach at Enderndorf was shared between families who wanted to improve their tans or have a swim, a flock of wild geese and four swans.


The swans at the Enderndorf levee were pretty hungry and – huge!  They are well accustomed to the visitors and always hope to get some nice food.  They only left when the Brombach trimaran arrived.  😉






The Brombach trimaran

The Brombach trimaran at Enderndorf


Some facts:

Passengers:  750

Length:  46 metres

Width:  19 metres

Height:  13.20 metres

Draught:  1.40 metres

Drive:  2 MAN – six-cylinder – Diesel motors, 250 Kw power (each), and two pump Jets


Back to Ramsberg (inside, on the lowest deck):

IMG_20130829_132613  IMG_20130829_133158  IMG_20130829_133425  IMG_20130829_134511  IMG_20130829_135202  IMG_20130829_135707

Great trip, fantastic weather.

If you want to know more about the trimaran, please follow the link:
This web site is only available in German language.

If you want to know more about “Pleinfeld am Brombachsee”, please follow the link:
This web site is available in German and in English (as linked) languages.


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