10 Statements – J.E.M. Hall

My First Fantasy Novel

J.E.M. Hall – My First Fantasy Novel


J.E.M. Hall

J.E.M. Hall was born in Oklahoma in 1986. As he entered his teenage years, he developed a joy for writing poetry. He was an avid reader during this time. He wrote his first book when he was fourteen, but has refused to share it with the world. By the end of high school, he had stopped writing and reading for fun. He pursued an education and career in computer programming. He received a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree in 2012. He began writing his own fantasy book after he was deep in his first read of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which caused him to ask himself a critical questions: Can I write a book?

He, his two boys, and his supportive wife live and work on an 80-acre plot of land. They tend cattle, goats, and dogs and harvest their own large garden each year. He loves the country and couldn’t imagine a better place to raise children. He can be contacted at vozey@yahoo.com.

My personal motto:

Create a goal: the difference between dreams and reality are the steps to get there.

10 statements

1.  A typical work day begins with…  crawling out of bed.
2.  I lose track of time…  all the time.
3.  I have always…  loved creative writing.
4.  I have never…  went skydiving.
5.  Home means to me…  where my family is.
6.  I am inspired by…  you reading this.
7.  I would like to meet…  Jesus, just not right now.
8.  My worst character trait…   is shyness.
9.  My best character trait…  is generosity.
10.  The best advice I was given…  is to remind yourself that you have the guts to pursue your dreams. Most people don’t.


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