10 Statements – Ruth Viridis

Ruth_ViridisRuth Viridis, student.



[My (Karen’s) opinion on Ruth:  Dear friend, always fun to be with, creative coffee addict, bright, multilingual, open minded, keen equestrian, etc.]



My personal motto:

Never stop growing.

10 statements

1.  A typical work day begins with…  turning on my laptop and my coffee machine.
2.  I lose track of time…  when riding on horseback.
3.  I have always…  had my own way.
4.  I have never…  seen suicide as a possibility.
5.  Home means to me…  security.
6.  I am inspired by…  all things beautiful.
7.  I would like to meet…  Marcus Tullius Cicero.
8.  My worst character trait…   is forgetfulness.
9.  My best character trait…  is constant optimism.
10. I don’t know?! I’ve always had to fall before I learned my lesson…

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