10 Statements – David Coles

David Coles

David Coles


David Coles

→ I started writing at 14, a pencil and an exercise book on the kitchen table and I submitted it to Nebula. They returned it.
→ I started again in the 1970s with better luck, a short in John Carnell’s New Writings in Science fiction and another in the New English Library SF magazine. Jack Everett, my then future writing buddy, saw that and phoned me – my address had been printed and he lived only 3 miles away. We’ve been writing together ever since. In fact, if Jack hadn’t suggested we joined a local writing group, I would not have met my second wife all those 30 plus years ago.
→ My day-job, before I retired, was the design and development of computer software, now it’s writing and looking after the grandkids. Know which I prefer.
→ I’m having the time of my life and that’s about it.

My website is at: http://www.davidbcoles.co.uk/  all our books are shown at: http://archimedespresseuk.blogspot.co.uk/


My personal motto:

I think therefore I am, er… I think.


10 statements

1.  A typical work day begins with…  breakfast at crack of 9am.
2.  I lose track of time…  at least twice a day or maybe it’s three times.
3.  I have always…  liked science fiction – and girls.
4.  I have never…  told lies except to questions like “does my bum look big in this”.
5.  Home means to me…  being with the missus.
6.  I am inspired by…  music, songs, scenery, sculpture and little kids.
7.  I would like to meet… Jon Courtney Grimwood – the list of who I would like to have met is much longer but I did meet Sir Terry Pratchett and the late David Gemmel who both gave courses for aspiring writers.
8.  My worst character trait…   procrastination.
9.  My best character trait…  procrastination.
10.  The best advice I was given…  don’t go there.


Review – The Diamond Seekers:


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