10 Statements – Jack Everett


My name is Jack Everett.

Being Jack… Jack Everett is author and co-author of a number of fantasy & science fiction, crime and thriller novels. Some are published, some are in progress and others remain between the ears.

Jack also hand crafts the most stunning snooker cues imaginable and modern objets d’art from exotic and magnificently figured timbers. He collects books and playing cards though there is little space in a much overcrowded home. From one window he looks over a cricket pitch and from another he looks onto an old orchard filled with apple, plum and pear trees.

… he dreams of having a bigger library. One day he may have the extra room he dreams of!

Jack’s website is at: http://www.jackleverett.me.uk/  all of David’s and Jack’s books are shown at: http://archimedespresseuk.blogspot.co.uk/


My personal motto:

Make haste slowly.  (which I was told was our family motto)


10 statements

1.  A typical work day begins with…  getting out of bed around 6 or earlier. Checking and replying to all my emails before preparing breakfast.
2.  I lose track of time…  once I start writing and it’s been that way for more than 30 years.
3.  I have always…  been true to my friends.
4.  I have never…  knowingly harmed anyone.
5.  Home means to me…  my wife, my garden, my books and my music.
6.  I am inspired by…  good writing in whatever genre it shows itself.
7.  I would like to meet… or have met Jack Vance who died in May.
8.  My worst character trait…   I occasionally let my stomach rule my head.
9.  My best character trait…  I am always true to myself and those close to me.
10.  The best advice I was given…  To learn everything I could because I could never know enough. (this from my father)

Review – The Diamond Seekers:


7 thoughts on “10 Statements – Jack Everett

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  5. Until this blog, I had never heard of Jack Everett. After reading this blog I not only want to check out his books…but I totally want him to be my grandpa!

    • During a discussion on crime fiction a few weeks ago, someone mentioned The Diamond Seekers. I checked at my eBook sellers, bought, read, and reviewed it.
      I just started reading the next book by David and Jack. Both are very nice. 🙂
      Jack’s wording is genuine – how would someone not like to have him in the family?! 🙂

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