Mazes – amazing or annoying?

Image courtesy of “James Barker”  /

Image courtesy of “James Barker” /


Already as a kid, my answer was simply: I love mazes! Exploring mazes of greenery was my preferred outdoor pastime. It was fun in summer, fun and exhausting in winter.

A tablecloth with embroidered flowers and bows was a perfect maze for my toy horses and cowboys. They had lots of adventures in this maze.  🙂

If it was raining and the tablecloth was in the washing machine, there still were all these nice little mazes to solve on paper.

Later, farmers offered corn mazes, and the fairs provided glass mazes. As the glass mazes have a ceiling and are rather small, I wasn’t too fond of them. I prefer to have an unobstructed view at the sky.

English: The hedge maze in Lincoln Arboretum

English: The hedge maze in Lincoln Arboretum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In The Shining (1980; directed by Stanley Kubrick) a maze plays an important part in the plot. And you can see another beautiful maze in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (2005; directed by Mike Newell). I will certainly not forget El Laberinto del Fauno (2006; directed by Guillermo del Toro). Mazes with all their beauty and the secrets they may cover are perfect locations for thrillers, fantasy and/or adventure novels, romance, etc.

As you can see, I still consider mazes as amazing, fascinating, inspiring.  🙂
There are mazes, however, I simply dislike: You certainly all know them – airports.

Airports are the worst mazes I can think of. They are huge. In order to get from A to B you seemingly need to pass C, D, E, N, X and Z. Masses of people rush through (officials, passengers, staff, etc.) – apparently trying to get out of it as soon as possible. If you walk slowly, you might be deemed a security risk. 😉

As we always arrive at the airport early, there is enough opportunity to watch how people cope with this uncomfortable surrounding. They race through, trolleys rattling behind them, or they determinedly march along, following a crowd of like-minded persons. Only few of these passengers smile, they are all keen on reaching their gate, are too tight to relax and smile. An airport often means the last obstacle between you and your vacation or between you and getting back home.

It is obvious that I still like mazes – unless they are (in) an airport.  😉

What are your thoughts about mazes in general? What is your opinion about airports – are they annoying mazes?



2 thoughts on “Mazes – amazing or annoying?

    • There are truly great mazes out there. As it is already dark here and I also feel the urge to visit a maze – I opt for ‘El Laberinto del Fauno’. 😉

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