Dublin impressions – Oct/Nov 2013

To recharge our spirits we once again went to Dublin. Thanks to the combo ticket (Dublin Bus & Luas) we were constantly on the road and/or tracks.


The Leprechaun Museum offered a special Halloween event. I had to switch off my mobile phone, therefore I cannot offer any photos here.


Turning right on leaving the Croke Park Hotel we always pass by this pub with its ever-present Guinness ad.


A morning glimpse at the Croke Park:




Breakfast at the Candy Café was great.




Morrison Books, 2A Parnell Street
Searching an opportunity for book swapping, searching special books? Stop by. We chatted with Mr Morrison for a while about films, politics, the seaside, etc.




After finding the book I had looked for (Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz) at Morrison Books we walked to the nearest bridge over river Liffey.






If you like the Brazilian kitchen, you might want to dine here at Taste of Brazil (their website is coming soon):




I was talking about mazes and/or labyrinths in a previous blog post (https://mytrainofthoughtson.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/mazes-amazing-or-annoying/). Here is the labyrinth of Dublin Castle “Dubhlinn Gardens”:








Next to the labyrinth, the Chester Beatty Library is open for visitors; the entry is free of charge. It is prohibited to take photographs. And why not enjoy a coffee at the Silk Road Café?




St Stephen’s Green:







Five Lamps in the early morning, on our way to the DART:




Another pub with Guinness ad:




For our trip to Skerries we took the DART. It is awesome to reach Skerries like that, travelling apparently on the sea, getting the first glimpse of the Skerries Mills.


Skerries Community Centre and another glimpse of one of the Skerries Mills:




We had breakfast at The Little Café:




We continued to the harbour. Some of you might have guessed that I love the sea – and Skerries. 😉
Now you all really know:








If you zoom in, you can even see the Holyhead lighthouse:



It is beautiful to wander along the Skerries seaside:










Another morning, another pub with Guinness ad:




We went to Enniskerry. At the bus station you see the yard of the Schoolhouse for Art Sculptures by Conleth Gent:




Our lunch at Wagamama in Dublin was a must. The online menu had promised this seaweed salad – and it was yummy. Goma Wakame Salad (shredded carrot, wakame seaweed, spring onions and a dash of red chilli. served with Wagamama house dressing and roasted sesame seeds):




St Stephen’s Green shopping centre (my favourite):






As usual we visited Peter’s Pub. I was longing for a pint of Beamish… And then I had to learn that they did no longer serve it. 😦
They suggested a pint of O’Hara’s – and it is nearly as good as a Beamish. It has favourite potential.  😉




Not everyone in this photo is alive.  😉




We had an exquisite lunch at Jamie’s Italian (Dundrum Town Centre):




O’Shea’s, Dublin:




Throughout our trip we enjoyed great coffee also at Insomnia, Costa and Like a Coffee.

I took the photos with my Galaxy Nexus.


We had a happy and inspiring week, indeed.  🙂



9 thoughts on “Dublin impressions – Oct/Nov 2013

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    • Morrison Books is a gem. There are several nice second hand bookshops in Dublin. This is my favourite. A chat is always welcome. You’d certainly like Morrison Books, Sandra.

      • I confess to liking old books, whether they’re in the back corner of a charity shop, at a boot sale, or in a secondhand bookshop. That’s one of the reasons I like walking up Charing Cross Road, it was one of my regular routes as a student in London and I still enjoy it. SD

      • I guess we might meet one day at one of these locations. 😀
        In London (e.g. the AI bookshop in Hammersmith) and Dublin I am always on the hunt for old books.

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    • True. 🙂
      There’s no better place for relaxing and coming back to my senses. I started taking photos when I got my Nexus, therefore there are not many photos from previous stays.

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