10 Statements – Isabell Loeschner

Portrait_ISA2My name is Isabell Loeschner and I am a German born country hopper; at the moment I am pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the London School of Economics. I’m looking at new information and communication technologies and how we shape and are shaped by them. In this spirit I have prepared the following statements about myself; their spreading on the web is enabled by the wonder of these new technologies that are really a great proof of human beings’ ability to progress and design (and possibly a reflection of our own tendency to create future problems to be solved again).

My personal motto:

Never stop being curious because … “Knowledge continues to evolve – and we do not know yet what we will know in the future.” (Sir Karl Popper)

10 statements

1. A typical work day begins with… a large bowl of cereal while watching German news to get updated on what is going on in my home country.
2.  I lose track of time… when I lose my watch. I never really lose track of time, my watch is one of my most treasured possessions and I guess I am a victim of its tyranny.
3.  I have always… wanted to move back to the West Coast of the US.
4.  I have never… written a novel (which I intend to do at one point).
5.  Home means to me… when I am cooking dinner with my partner.
6.  I am inspired by… my academic supervisor Professor Judy Wajcman and her colleagues. Big steps to follow.
7.  I would like to meet… Johann Lafer (famous German Michelin Starred chef).  🙂
8.  My worst character trait… is impatience.
9.  My best character trait… is reflexion.
10.  The best advice I was given… was that what I do during my 20s, if done properly, will pay dividend for the rest of my life (Thanks to my lovely American host dad, Jack).


5 thoughts on “10 Statements – Isabell Loeschner

  1. That’s true, at the end of the day sociology is everywhere anyways, also in the business world 🙂

    • My undergrad was in Management, now I’m doing sociology 🙂 Quite a change but necessary!

      • Ah. It’s sort of related. To understand management and a deeper perspective it’s good to know sociology. You have to know why people work the way they do and what factors causes them to relate to others.

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