Poll: Books. Your favourite genre/s?

Most of us certainly like to read more than one genre.  🙂

If you are a writer: Do you write in all of your favourite genres?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Poll: Books. Your favourite genre/s?

  1. What I read and what I write are in completely different genres. For instance, I’ve been reading all of John Grisham’s novels in order of publication, but I write Horror. If you can figure that out, then you are a true genius!

    • This question came to my mind because my favourite reads are mystery/thrillers, followed by other genres. When writing, crime might occasionally be a sideline. Somehow I tend to write about stuff that seems ‘inexplicable’. Maybe the different genres just help us to stay focused.

  2. I must admit to reading a lot of music bio’s but I do like the odd novel, but that’s usually because I’ve seen the film or think the writer is cool (or maybe even the cover!)

    • Musicians’ biographies are sometimes quite amazing. It is good to know that you are an expert. 🙂
      Covers may be misleading. Covers for the British market differ from the covers for the US market. Sometimes even the titles differ.

      • Honestly Karen, I’ve read them all haha!

        Never judge a book by its cover as they say!! I can’t help it though, I’m a sucker for cool art. I replied to another blog about books and my biggest annoyance was when I wanted to read a book for ages but hadn’t got round to buying it. In the meantime they make a film about it and use the movie poster as the book cover!! I hate that so much because when I then buy the book it looks as though I only bought it because of the film! Life of Pi was a prime example of that!

      • Thomas, it is always good to be an expert. You might have told me why Billy Joel suddenly did a gig in Dublin’s O2 Arena without indicating it in the newsletter first. 😉
        The movie poster as the book cover is a clever marketing strategy. I also prefer the original covers – same reason as yours.

  3. This is interesting, Amanda. Your inspiration let your story evolve to a genre that was not really one of your favourites, and made you like it. 🙂
    When I started writing my short stories, I did not really do it because I like short stories. I wrote them because I wanted to find out which genre I liked best to write in. Surprise: it was not thrillers. I realised that I prefer to write stories with a hint of fantasy and/or paranormal. And I found out that there are lots of short stories (e.g. Jessica P. West, Karen Soutar, Mari Wells – just to name a few) I really like.

  4. As a writer I don’t write in my favorite genre, per se. I didn’t really start reading the genre I was writing until after I started writing it. I wasn’t really sure where Reverie fit in when I started and decided it was at best in that lump of “general” fiction or “literary” fiction, which I like reading, but I have since discovered my book actually fit into family saga genre. Which btw has become a new sort of favorite.

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