Could you solve a murder?

It doesn’t matter if your answer is yes, maybe, or no. Why don’t you seize the opportunity and take a peek at James Schannep’s site:

The Kindle edition of MURDERED was released today on Amazon (Thursday, 5 December 2013). That’s when the contest started. And guess who already bought it?  😉

Excerpt from James Schannep’s site:

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Amateur Detective Contest!

Ever read a whodunit where you outwitted the main character? Ever watched a murder mystery where you outfoxed the gumshoe? Grab your pipe and magnifying glass, super sleuth, it’s time to test your powers of deduction in Click Your Poison’s Amateur Detective Contest!

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For more information – just visit James Schannep’s site.  🙂

MurderedMurdered @


4 thoughts on “Could you solve a murder?

  1. oh this sounds exciting. my guy and me we watch crimeseries on tv several times a week and he’s always amused and amazed of my ability to point out the culprit and the reason behind his bad deed. I guess that’s my ASF-brain kicking into high-function.

    – karina

    • Karina, this is exciting! If you have the opportunity to participate – do it! 🙂
      Obviously, I will not stand a chance to be the first to come up with a solution – due to a current lack of time. I will be fighting, though. 😉
      Please let me know if you are in for the game. I am thrilled to know at least one of the participants.

      – Karen

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