Four Blogger Awards

Originally provided by Ajaytao, with his beautiful, inspirational blog, my friends Stephanie Thomas and Roxy & Tigerlino have nominated me for four awards!  What an amazing start of 2014!  Thank you so much, dear friends

Ajaytao doesn’t follow any rules (love it!), so I’m just following Stephanie’s example to throw out some random facts about me, nominate a few people, and you can choose whatever you want to do additionally.



Versatile Blogger

Most Creative Blogger Award

Most Influential Blogger

Reader Appreciation Award


Random Facts:

1. I prefer rain to snow.

2. I am a nature freak, prefer to live in town, though.

3. I follow the Dalai Lama on Google+.

4. My husband does all the cooking and baking, I am just good for chopping vegetables.

5. Wearing something white means I am in a bad mood.

6. Ireland without at least one trip to Skerries is a no-go.

7. I always consider movies/series also from a writer’s point of view.



If you don’t do awards or have already received these, please just take it as a token of my appreciation for how wonderful your blogs are. You deserve it!

1. Ajaytao

2. Tom Ford

3. Alana Munro

4. Drew Chial

5. Purrfectkitties

6. celenagaia

7. Dan

8. Fourcatpaw

9. Jodie Llewellyn

10. Elaine White

11. Maxima

12. Hey Pesto!


Congratulations everyone!



13 thoughts on “Four Blogger Awards

  1. Congrats Karen! I feel the same way with the awards…No rules. Ajay was the first to bestow awards to me when I started at WP, a dear man! 🙂

  2. Thanks once again Karen! You have to stop getting all these awards, my mantelpiece can’t handle the strain!

    I will hopefully get a post prepared tomorrow with thanks etc…

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