Did you know? Nobel Prizes Literature



106  Nobel Prizes in Literature have been awarded 1901-2013.

13  women have been awarded the Literature Prize so far.

Literature Prizes have been divided between two persons.

42  years was the age of the youngest Literature Laureate ever, Rudyard Kipling, best known for The Jungle Book.

88  years was the age of the oldest Literature Laureate ever, Doris Lessing, when she was awarded the Prize in 2007.

65  is the average age of the Nobel Laureates in Literature the year they were awarded the prize.

For more information on Nobel prizes please visit http://www.nobelprize.org/


6 thoughts on “Did you know? Nobel Prizes Literature

  1. Karen, this is very interesting. We are on the same wave length because I have some drafts in my dashboard on nobel prize winners that I intend to post later on. They are such models and I, next to them, feel so very small.

    • This post idea seemed rather adequate for yesterday’s ‘Did you know?’ Perhaps because I remembered last year’s event. I do not think that one of these authors wanted to win the Nobel Prize for Literature when writing their works. No need to feel small. There will always be people who like what we write and others who will not care at all. Each author is special.

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