10 thoughts on “Poll: Book Covers – Importance

  1. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? Because book covers for me are really important because if it’s beautiful or fascinating I will be attracted, but then the book may not be my cup of tea. While a book might have a cover I don’t like, but the story is perfect for me! But if the cover puts me off, we will never know that! Complicated stuff.

    • I agree with you, Miranda. Some book covers ruin a beautiful reading adventure – because you do not even get that far (approaching the book, touching it, turning it to read the blurb). I often convince myself to check the book despite its awful cover. My tolerance level regarding book covers is rather high, though – a true reading addict. 😀

      • Ha ha – good. There is one I keep picking up at the library which I really like the cover of, except there is a picture of a squashed bug on it. That puts me off. I think I may have to put a sticker over that illustration, so that I can see if I like the book or not!!

  2. Extremely important for me because the cover is what the viewers see initially, not the good story. And they decide if they like it in 5-10 seconds. If they like they cover, that’s the time they will take a look at the blurb or the summary at the back…

  3. I put ‘very important’. A poor cover won’t put me off if I already know something about the book and want to read it, but otherwise I find bad covers really off putting. When I worked as a bookseller my mind boggled at the awful covers some big publishers used to put out books with.

  4. Really important! I love art and design on everything from books, movie posters and album covers. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but come on, it helps if it’s awesome looking!

    • Book covers are rather important, true. There are often several covers for a book – depending on where they are sold. You might like one cover and might be repelled by the other.
      A cover I really like:
      Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Flacco.

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