Poll: What inspires you?

We all are inspired, everyday, everywhere. You may think ‘Well, I am not an artist…’ You do not need to be a writer, actor, designer, etc. to get inspired. My best friend is often inspired by stuff she sees in the supermarket, or in a magazine. Then she creates awesome and delicious meals, or bakes and decorates like a pro. We all have hobbies and are often inspired by???

Looking forward to reading your answers and/or comments!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Poll: What inspires you?

    • Hey Roxy & Tigerlino, thank you for voting – I am glad that we agree on this. I should have integrated the ‘Everything’ right from the start. 😉

  1. I’m the guy who voted “Everything”. And it’s true, too. I get all sorts of inspiration for everywhere you could possibly imagine. So much so that I have to sometimes force myself from not wanting to constantly write notes when I see something that might move me in order for me to enjoy the moment. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

    • ‘Everything’ is my answer as well.
      Interestingly, the stuff you force yourself to not write down, sometimes magically reappears. And might then be worth a blog post, story, etc.

    • That’s right. I also like when inspiration hits me out of the blue. Several months ago, a friend of mine was handed a birthday card by her sister. This and a dream I head several nights previously inspired me to write a short story.

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