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Bio: Drew Chial is an author, screenwriter, graphic artist, and a musician living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He writes short stories that he bills as Twilight Zone fan fiction. His self-published horror novella Terms and Conditions is available for free on his website as an e-reader file and an audiobook.

You can connect with me at:

My website is: www.drewchial.com
I’m @drewchial on Twitter
My Facebook author page is: https://www.facebook.com/DrewChialAuthor
My personal motto:

Don’t measure your worth by someone else’s yard stick.

10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… a weapons grade dose of caffeine, followed by the ritual petting of both the cat and the dog simultaneously. They have different ways they like to be scratched, it’s like trying to pat my head and rub my belly at the same time.
  2. I lose track of time… when I’m eavesdropping on a Match.com mix ups in the booths beside me. Sometimes I can’t help but transcribe conversations for use in my writing.
  3. I have always… considered my writing to be Twilight Zone fan fiction disguised as original works. I’m constantly wondering what Rod Serling would think of my pitch.
  4. I have never… seen a ghost, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. Having been told a staircase was haunted, I spent the night sitting at the foot snapping photos, catching nothing. I just don’t have the gift (that and I’m a skeptic).
  5. Home means to me… Home has never been the building where I crash at night. Home is my comfort zone, my social sweet spot: up on a stool at the coffee shop, a bench at the dog park, or a seat at the movie theater.
  6. I am inspired by… Observational humor. My best blog entries are my take on a comedian’s monologue, without all the stage fright. I borrow George Carlin’s rhythms all the time.
  7. I would like to meet… Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. I think that would be a dinner party worth attending.
  8. My worst character trait… my tendency for self defeatism. That polarizing voice that says, “They’re all going to laugh at you.” That subconscious heckler that tells me I’m not worthy of the proverbial stage.
  9. My best character trait… my ability to disrupt convention in any given situation. I question groupthink, take management to task, and aspire to write stories that would stand out on an end cap full of the leather bound heroes and square jawed lovers.
  10. The best advice I was given… as an aspiring writer in this day and age brand yourself, and not your book. Don’t clog potential readers’ feeds with Amazon links. Bring them to you. Let them discover your work.

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