Top 5 – Reasons to Smile

QQ_Top5Spontaneous answer required!

Reasons to smile  🙂


  1. The ones I love
  2. Smiles
  3. Cats, dogs, horses, sheep, meerkats
  4. The sky before the storm
  5. The air after the storm

Your answers? Thrill me!  :-)



28 thoughts on “Top 5 – Reasons to Smile

  1. Oh, how lovely. 🙂 My five:

    1. My puppy yawning.
    2. My mom stopping at bookstores and buying books for me, just to surprise me.
    3. Days when it rains the whole afternoon and the air has a sleepy feel to it.
    4. Fangirling over actors and singers. 😉
    5. Getting into long, intense arguments over books and writing with my friends.

  2. 1. Life’s hidden surprises
    2. Curled up with my kitties in bed with a heating pad while it snows outside
    3. Home made guacamole
    4. Figuring out a plot twist when I’m stuck
    5. Standing up front getting squashed by the mosh pit at a metal show

  3. 1. my family and friends
    2. my dogs and horses
    3. writing my latest book
    4. a lovely sunny day
    5 my garden in flower
    Sadly not that original or unique; perhaps we are all more similar in some ways than we thought?

  4. 1. My wife and son
    2. Hanging out it’s my friends
    3. When I hear a new song and it’s so good I could play it on repeat over and over again
    4. Driving home from work on a Friday and it’s summer and the sun is out
    5. When my football team wins, like tonight!

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