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Dear Friends and Readers,

My friend Jess West over at http://jessicapwest.wordpress.com/ invited me to this (my first!) blog hop. It really sounded like fun and I told her to count me in. I’ve heard of blog hops before and was intrigued when I came across one and followed it. I found lots of interesting blogs worth following.

There is only one rule:  Answer the following questions:

1)    What am I working on?

There is a general blog (this one! https://mytrainofthoughtson.wordpress.com/) where I present miscellaneous topics – mostly, yet not exclusively – about writing. There are book reviews, the so-called ’10 Statements’, newly introduced interviews, and other topics as polls and general musings.

On my short stories blog (http://inasmallcompass.wordpress.com/), I monthly present 2 – 3 of my short stories as well as some stories by my friend Jess‘ which I directly reblog from her website.

The main novel I am working on consists of episodes in the life of four friends. The episodes are sometimes mystery, sometimes urban fantasy. They all end with the foursome having a common meal and – the recipe. My first inspiration for this work was Joan Aiken and her stories about the Armitage family. My second inspiration was a dream for the first episode.

The second work is an urban fantasy novel. The now adult Danny Wilde (from my short story Only You) writes his memoir about his life as a superhero.

My writing motto in brief:  There is always room for improvement.

2)    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As every writer has her/his own perception of life, every writer’s work is unique. I play with my writing – as do the other writers. I am inspired by dreams, events, everything – as are the other writers. I listen to what my readers comment and I learn – as do the other writers. Each writer’s style may seem unique. What makes us really unique in the end – are our readers and their perception of how and what we write.

3)    Why do I write what I do?

As Jess already mentioned last week: ‘I write because I enjoy it.’ I love reading all kinds of genres, especially mysteries and thrillers. I realised very soon that I like to mix urban fantasy and mystery. This combination is fascinating and inspiring. I also write because I want to make the readers happy, to lead them places where they can also let their imagination flow.

4)    How does your writing process work?

My process is quite different for my current projects. They all have only one thing in common: My little black notebook.

For my general blog I use a file for scheduling, keynotes and connections. For my short stories blog, I use my little black notebook, electronic newspapers, agent coincidence, and the comments of my readers. For the novels I use (separate!) mind-maps and sticky (computer) notes to keep track of the characters, their developments and the scenes. In addition, I compare the achievements and handle this like a typical lessons learned process.

As my time is limited due to a full-time job and my family, I cannot work on my projects more than two hours a day. Therefore it may take longer, sure; yet it is worth every minute.

That’s it from my side.



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Let me now introduce two amazing and inspiring friends – Topaz Winters and Amanda Staley – and follow the links to their respective blogs below. Topaz and Amanda will both share a similar post next Monday, there is a lot of great stuff to discover in the meantime. Just visit and enjoy!

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Topaz Winters

Topaz Winters is a fourteen year old singer/songwriter and author.  When she is not staying up until four AM on a steady diet of coffee and cheesecake, writing her heart out, she can be found exploring musical frontiers with her eccentric collection of band mates or playing with her Japanese Spitz puppy, Hachii. Topaz’s debut novel, Frozen Hearts, drops in January of 2014, and her debut album, Falling Star, later on in the same year.  Topaz does not yet know her path in life, but she is stopping to smell the roses on the way.

Amanda Staley

My day job, I am records manager / IT liaison.  I split the evenings between standard household responsibilities and writing on my two blogs, social media and my books.  My husband and I share our small home with four ferrets, 1 boy and 3 girls, who are like children to us.  I love to cook.  I used to bake a lot of sweets, but now I am more focused on preparing nutritious meals for my husband and I.  I have a great interest in wellness both physical and mental. Which is why I started my blog on Happiness, talking about my own personal growth and hopefully it could be used as a guide for anyone who is also searching for their own way.
I attempt to enjoy life as it is by enjoying the moment.  I am an outdoors person and love spring and summer.  I am an avid bird watcher who enjoys finding new ways of attracting new varieties of birds to my feeders. I also love taking a nature photos and am a bit of a shutterbug.  Every season I probably take at least 500 photos and am extremely thrilled with the invention of digital cameras.

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  5. I enjoyed learning more about you! Thanks for thinking of including me on this blog hop. It’s going to be a lot of fun following this around and meeting new people!

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  7. Thank you for including me in this chain, Karen – can’t wait to post on Monday! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on writing – I too have a notebook (multiple, actually!) in which I scrawl story ideas and novel plans. It’s a great tool to organise one’s sometimes cluttered brain, yes? 😉

    • Thank you for accepting my invitation, Topaz!
      The little black notebook is always in reach – and it is really a great tool. 🙂
      The other devices differ: smart phone, tablet, laptop, all-in-one station, my little grey cells, etc.
      I work a lot with Open Office and MindManager because my handwriting is not really legible.

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