Poll: Where and how do you buy your books?

Where and how do you buy your books?

1. Preferably…    (please select the option that suits you most)


2. Where and how in general…    (please select all options that apply)


Depending on my bookshelf capacity (small room, lots of shelves), I have to buy more and more ebooks.  😉


I am looking forward to reading your comments!  🙂



20 thoughts on “Poll: Where and how do you buy your books?

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  2. As an Indie author I buy most books, ebook and paper online but I never pass a bookstore without taking a peek and usually purchasing something there as well. 🙂

    • Seems like we all just cannot help it. We spare time by buying books online; then we cannot resist and ‘raid’ the bookstore. 😀

    • Meaning you buy books in paper format in bookstore chains – or other (as in the second part of the poll)? Interesting. What can this ‘Other’ be, here?

      • Yeah, I buy books in paper format, from bookstores, chain or independent. The other is antique stores and flea markets lol. How did you know the other was me? I’m that much of a minority, huh? 😉 I love holding a book in my hands and turning the pages, and the smell of old books. I am surrounded by books now even as I type.

      • Just realised that I left out the option for antique stores and flea markets. 😦
        Flea markets! I often buy books there – often 10 at a time. Therefore, I need to buy ebooks as well – as our ‘library’ in our flat is already crammed…

      • Yeah flea markets are great places to find books, but there’s not often a diverse selection. Antique stores are my favorite places to get books. I’m having the same problem though, I don’t have any more room for books and I need to rid of some, but it’s painful lol. I think I’ll put them in the attic until I get a bigger place. I’m in a small townhouse and I have a ‘library’ too 😉

  3. The results will be interesting. I find myself reading more ebooks, despite my dislike of them they are more convenient. But my local bookshop is lovely and I do like to support them too by getting carried away. SD

    • We should always support our local bookshops. Despite the trend for buying more and more ebooks. About getting carried away in a bookshop: I can relate, indeed.

  4. I love the feel of paperbacks, but I just don’t have the room for all the ones I want! 😀 E-books are instant and take up no space, so for me it has to be e-books now.

    • Yes, I know what you mean. The touch and smell of paperbacks. *sighs* E-book readers are less impressive as shelves filled to the brim with books. The trend is * drum rolls* having a second E-book reader. 😀

  5. I’ve always been a physical book girl. I do have a Kindle and I do read ebooks, but generally only when I can’t get that book any other way!

    • Tell that my bookshelves, Topaz. 😉
      If we should decide to move one day – we are going to need a separate van for our books. My eReaders are great for travelling. I don’t travel anywhere without them.

  6. I get real excited walking into a bookstore. It’s one of those heavenly places on earth that makes sense. Similar to my going to the library, although at the library it’s a different experience with community activities happening in the backrooms during the fall and winter, which makes it an all the more surprising activity. And even though I prefer purchasing my ebooks online, there really nothing that can replace the smell of paper in a new book. It’s a wonderful experience!

    • Indeed, Jack. Wherever our travels lead us – we always end up browsing in bookstores. There is at least one in each town that is worthwhile…
      I avoid libraries, though. I always need to really own my books. Lending a book, having to return it is just not my world…

  7. I tend to buy a lot of e-books but when I when I want a paperback or hard copy I usually order form Amazon or go to my local bookstore. I too love browsing in bookstores 🙂

  8. I like eBooks if it is fiction as I can carry my kindle around with me. For non-fiction I prefer physical. That said I love browsing in bookshops and will always end up buying at least one book as I have no willpower 🙂

    • Same here. Fiction on my eReaders, non-fiction in paper format. There are often smaller bookshops that make me want to buy. Lack of willpower. 😀

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