Manchester and York Impressions – March 2014


In the afternoon we headed to Frankfurt/Main. Due to the usual commuters and lorries, it took us nearly two hours to get there. Luckily we reached the airport with enough time to spare to grab a bite before check-in. Boarding started twenty minutes late as we had to wait for a stand-by crew.

We arrived at Manchester airport after 10 pm, decided to take a cab to get to the Days hotel. Check-in was quick, and I got a charger for my smart-phone without fuzz – I really appreciate this uncomplicated service. Thank you very much, dear Days Hotel Manchester staff – we had a great time at your place!

Days Hotel Manchester


Incredible timepiece in the hotel lobby:


Whitworth Gardens / Sackville Gardens

The Beacon of Hope


The Tree of Life


It must be spring…


Alan Mathison Turing Memorial – I am an IT nerd, remember?  😉


2014-03-06, Birthday lunch at wagamama – you might remember the seaweed salad…  🙂
My very special thanks to the manager – she will remember what it’s all about.


Printworks – impressions



Help! They shrunk my husband!  😀




We had a Brahma (smooth – perfect for Wolfgang) and a Brooklyns (darker, not black and pretty spicy – perfect for me)…

IMG_20140306_141820 IMG_20140306_141828

2014-03-07, York

Inside the train station



The ‘Spinner’ (will be featured in an upcoming short story)

NRM_Spinner NRM_Spinner_d

The Flying Scotsman


After two hours as serious museum visitors interested in everything railway, we met the author David Coles and his wife Jan at the restaurant – to talk books, writing, reading, blogging, reviewing, jobs, an interview, Jack Everett, his partner in writing, York, etc. We had a great time with you, Jan and David – we would love to meet you again and chat.

When we parted, I was given a signed copy of Postponing Armageddon by Adele Abbot.


After our meeting, we strolled through York, and even had a little trip on the river Ouse.


World’s largest Gothic minster north of the Alps


River Ouse







This was a nice trip on the ‘Captain James Cook’… And the captain did a great job on our Ouse tour!


At the Yorkshire Terrier, we had a ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ (smooth – perfect for Wolfgang) and a ‘Ghost Ale’ (darker and spicy – perfect for me)



Burgers at Wilde’s Wine Bar (I even had a veggie burger – it was delicious!)


Afterwards we headed back to Manchester.


Public transport in Manchester is pretty awesome







And this is for our friend  Markus – the third O’Shea’s Pub for our collection – this time in Manchester:



As you can see, this was a great birthday trip – without snow, this time…  🙂


30 thoughts on “Manchester and York Impressions – March 2014

  1. It was great to meet you and Wolfgang for our chat and, certainly, we hope to see you again. If you were to come to York a second time, we’ll do our best to introduce you to the pre-20th century city. And I see alcohol figured fairly high in the scheme of things.
    It’s been some years since I’ve been to other than Manchester airport, sounds like I need to visit the city again.

    • Likewise, David. This was definitely not our last visit to Manchester and York. Indeed, next time I would like to spend several days in York. There is so much to see and to learn. I tested several coffee shops and/or cafés for their latte macchiato. When waiting for the train that evening, I had to switch to a hot chocolate with chilli – a seventh mug of coffee would have been overkill. 😉
      Manchester has some nice places as well. Our usual plan to get to know the city better by taking the metroshuttle worked well. Saturdays in Manchester proved to be a little to crowded for my taste.

  2. Nice to see York again. I spent a lot of time there whilst researching locations for my debut novel and grew very fond of the narrow streets and ramshackle shops. 😀

    • Manchester proved to be a great experience. There are some major construction sites. It will be exciting to revisit after the building measures have been completed.
      We truly enjoyed every minute of our trip.

    • Thank you very much! 🙂
      The buses are great, each line passes by in 10-minute-intervals. It is fun and useful if you want to get an overview before setting off on your own…

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a lovely time! Lots of fun looking through your pictures as well, and it’s great to have you back. 😀

    • It was a lovely time, indeed. We ‘scouted’ Manchester by cruising with the free Metroshuttles, first. Then we set off to some places of interest. 🙂
      Thank you, Topaz! It is great to be back in action. 😉
      Your ’10 Statements’ will be online this evening (CET time – between 8 pm and 10 pm)

    • It is incredible what you pack in three days. There were only three must do activities: birthday dinner at Samsi (this didn’t take place – we were to stuffed from our lunch at Wagamama’s), visit the NRM, meet David Coles.
      The book review will come, I cannot yet guarantee a date, though.

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