I’m Just A……..

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A most common phrase

“I’m just a”

Sometimes spoken with humbleness

Sometimes because one has lost their meaning

“I’m just a”

Man, woman, boy, girl, child

Yes, you are, but…..

There is so much more to you than you hold on to

The mirror only tells a fraction of the story

Inside you is the most beautiful story

Very much worth telling

“I’m just a”

You are a wonderful being

Astonishingly full of beauty and beautiful things

God didn’t waste any of his divine power of creation

Each of us are more than “just a”

We are all truly someone


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15 thoughts on “I’m Just A……..

  1. This is a great reminder to cherish who we are. We (i) often tend to compare ourselves to those who are more successful, more beautiful, more everything than we are rather than looking at our own inner wealth. Really nice to post this:)

    • It is a great reminder, indeed. These comparisons are part of our human nature. Properly balanced, they do not mean harm if we also realise our own accomplishments, virtues, etc. Only comparisons without the possibility to be grateful for what we have can poison our lives.

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