Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell



My rating:  5  of  5  stars

(by Goodreads)

A two year old girl’s heart stops and she dies but is brought back too late, her memories wiped, character vanished. One question haunts her mother’s anguished mind: Where had her daughter gone? This story is one answer to that question. Inspired by truth.

After Charley dies in her office chair, how is it that she finds herself propelled into the mysterious world of Avalon?

Upon encountering an essence, which insists is her daughter – the one she knows she left behind – insanity battles with fear inside her mind.

The further she delves, the more puzzling things appear, especially after she rises into the Orb of Caprice – a realm of fairies, talking flowers and goblins…and something else, something that lurks in the shadows ready to swallow her whole.

Can she realise in time what it is she must do…or has she left it too late?

Gone is a story inspired by a true event.


My Opinion

The book introduces you to its protagonist, Charley, a middle-aged and very troubled mother. She is guilt-ridden and vulnerable. Charley feels guilty for a crime she did not commit. Then she gets this weird feeling at her office. She suddenly is drawn into a different world: Avalon. Strange encounters, and strange events leave her questioning her sanity. At first, I couldn’t help being impatient with Charley. Thoughts like ‘Charley, get a grip, will you!’ came to my mind. Along the way I realised that I would have had the same doubts, would also have hesitated when she hesitated. Her feelings were so realistic that I started to cheer her on in a positive way. What I really liked is that she grew with every challenge. I started reading as a close visitor; in the end, Charley felt like a friend. I will not tell you more about the story than shown in the Goodreads plot description. This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourself.

With Gone, Julie Elizabeth Powell has truly enriched the fascinating world of books. I had an enlightening time reading Gone. Gone is based on a true event, and this fantastic story is the result. Thank you so much, Julie!

This is a book to read again. It offers food for thought, and it offers hope and (inner) peace.  ⭐


About the author

Hello everyone. If you haven’t guessed by now I have a passion for words and have fifteen titles published in a variety of genres…all thanks to ‘Lulu’, Kindle, much hard work and sleepless nights.






My eldest daughter has flown the nest and is married to a man who doesn’t mind his mother-in-law, though my son is still fluffing his feathers.

My middle child is off on a mysterious adventure, the like of which I can only guess…and tried to do so in my first book, Gone.

I love to read and am looking for ways to double time so to indulge in the mysterious and wonderful and delicious and strange…my favourite kind of story.

Writing is my passion, though I enjoy creating handcrafted cards, ‘crafts’, jewellery making, scrapbooking and dabbling in encaustic art whenever I can.

Oh yes, I used to teach or mark exam papers but now concentrate on writing and enjoying my new life, which materialised, as if by a miracle. Though still dislike all those necessary domestic chores that would, for me, be included in the Rings of Hell!

That’s it. Thank you to anyone who reads my books…enjoy the flight!


Connect with the Author:

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Please take a look at my statement on reading in My train of thoughts on …reading.  Now I am asking you.  🙂

My questions for you bibliophiles:
What about you?  What did you think about Gone?  Or – if you did not yet read Gone – are you now interested in reading it yourself?

My question for you cinephiles:
If Gone was filmed – who should direct it, who could you imagine as actors?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.  🙂




12 thoughts on “Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

    • It is really good, Jack! The difference is that in Pan’s Labyrinth the daughter is facing the adventures, here it is the mother. This seems like a book you can really like.

  1. Sounds like a great book…my only hesitation would be the description of the land of Avalon just doesn’t fit with everything I have ever read and believed about it. But the actual premise of the story sounds great…might have to give this one a go!

    • This is a great book, Ali. Each of us has her/his own imagination of locations, events, etc. Avalon might resemble your imagination – or it might not. If you buy into the story, it probably does no longer matter how you feel about Avalon outside of this book. 🙂

      • I just downloaded it so I’ll let you know how I got on! I just finished reading a book last night and had nothing queued up for a change, so now I have something to look forward to reading tonight when I go to bed, yaaay!

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