Three films in four days

Dear friends and readers,

as many of you already know:  I am a confessing book addict!

What some of you might know:  I love films and TV series.


Thanks to Jack Flacco’s ( ‘Women who wow’ series and Tom Ford’s ( awesome reviews and/or their awesome blogs and recommendations as a whole, I managed to see three films within four days:





Pacific Rim,

Seen on:  Friday, 2014-04-18

Medium:  rented via Entertain.

Audience:  Yúlika, Wolfgang, Karen










Seen on:  Saturday, 2014-04-19

Medium:  recording from TV.

Audience:  Wolfgang, Karen









The Lego Movie

Seen on:  Monday, 2014-04-21

Medium:  3D cinema.

Audience:  Markus, Wolfgang, Karen (and about 70 more)





Dear friends, thanks you. Yúlika, Markus, Wolfgang, and I had a great time!  🙂



16 thoughts on “Three films in four days

    • I loved them all, Jack! Fargo is definite a favourite! 🙂
      The Lego Movie was also great. Despite the time (Sunday afternoon), the majority of the audience was 18+. We didn’t regret it one bit.

    • Both are worth watching! Jack Flacco and Tom Ford have a taste regarding films that is close to mine. Following their advice is a good bet. 🙂

  1. I’m so jealous – I keep meaning to go see Fargo, but it always gets pushed back on my list! 😉 I’m so glad you like it, though!

    • No need to be jealous, you will certainly have enough opportunity to watch it, Topaz. 🙂
      I really liked all of the movies. Fargo is my favourite among them. Definitely worth watching more than once.

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