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CharmeineCan romance develop between a Heavenly Light-Bearer and a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter? Charmeine the First Novel in The Light-Bearer Series was released January 2012.

Tabbruis is a Blood-Hunter, he drinks blood to survive. Over millennia Tabbruis has wandered the Earth alone aimlessly living through many historical events.

Charmeine just came to the Earth in 1997, unable to remember anything.

When Tabbruis meets Charmeine the attraction is immediate and passionate. They are polar opposites and clash together in a strongly romantic and dramatic way. When she meets Tabbruis, Charmeine’s powers as a Light-Bearer, one who throws lightning, is triggered and grows exponentially.

Will Charmeine and Tabbruis fulfill their destinies? Will they realize their importance in both the Blood-Hunter and Light-Bearer world?


MactusMactus is the Second Novel in The Light-Bearer Series.  The romance and action develop and deepens between our two ill-fated lovers, Tabbruis and Charmeine.

Mactus” means well-done in Latin, and as our Tabbruis and Charmeine proclaim their love for one another, they are reminded of the daunting task before them. However, their union is joyous and very romantic.  

Tabbruis and Charmeine’s love deepens and grows stronger. However, they are both thrown when Charmeine is revealed to be the Queen of Light and Tabbruis is the King of Darkness!

Their son, Shane, brings an addition to the family, his fiancée, Sandra Gomez! She bonds with Charmeine and Tabbruis instantly. Can Charmeine and Sandra work together to defend themselves from the powerful Elder Council Blood-Hunter Pascal’s attack?

Mactus is a romantic and exciting book is a page turner from the beginning to end!


AccendoAccendo is the Third Novel in The Light-Bearer Series.  Reality knocks our two star-crossed lovers, Tabbruis and Charmeine into the now when they have to plan to battle the Evil Blood-Hunter Elder Council.

Charmeine is cut to the core because of Tabbruis’ lack of faith in her ability to lead. Will their love survive? Will their faith in each other be tested as they begin their new life together?

Tabbruis and Charmeine find their close relationship is challenged with unbelief and lack of trust. The battle to freedom from the Dark and Evil forces which Lucifer has let loose on the Earth is harder than Tabbruis and Charmeine ever imagined. Their family also suffers a serious loss. Can they recover and pick up the pieces?


SeditiousThe Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series is Seditious. This book is the continuation of Tabbruis and Charmeine’s romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions! Tabbruis and Charmeine’s life at The Castle Charmeine is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council Blood-Hunters hits them in the face. In Seditious Tabbruis and Charmeine find that their love is tested in the most heinous way possible.

Then, as a one-two punch, Lord Cromwell, one of the most deadly and powerful Blood-Hunter ever has escaped the Elder Council Prison. Lord Cromwell sends his beautiful agent to cause trouble for Tabbruis and Charmeine and wants something that they have.

Charmeine runs away from The Castle Charmeine to forget the betrayal of her most beloved husband Tabbruis. Can Tabbruis win Charmeine back? How can he make her understand? Exciting all the way to the end! Seditious will have you turning page after page in this story of passion, betrayal and seduction.


RansomRansom is the Fifth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series. Can Tabbruis convince Charmeine, his love and soul-mate to take him back?  Will Charmeine be able to forget the pain of the past? Tabbruis and Charmeine take their new family on a much needed and impromptu vacation; however, there is always a twist and turn for them to recover from. The children of Dmitri are growing up fast and there is an addition to The Castle Charmeine.

Lord Cromwell, plans a deadly attack on The Castle Charmeine and he takes something precious to Charmeine.  However, he wants something in exchange. Can her family battle this deadly adversary? Tabbruis and Charmeine’s family bond together to fight Lord Cromwell and more surprises are in store for the star-crossed lovers.

This is a must read for all who have read Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, and Seditious in The Light-Bearer Series.


ConundrumConundrum is soon to be released in early 2015 will undoubtedly have more of Charmeine and Tabbruis’ adventures along with their family!


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    • I couldn’t agree more, Jack! Emily has a unique style – her writing and her cover design as well. The Ransom cover is really extraordinary. 🙂

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