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Dear Friends and Readers,

my friend David Coles invited me to take part in this blog tour. David is one of three amazing authors over at Check out their awesome books and learn more about Adele Abbot, David Coles, and Jack Everett.

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What am I working on?

There is a general blog (this one! where I present miscellaneous topics – mostly, yet not exclusively – about writing. There are book reviews, the so-called ’10 Statements’, newly introduced interviews, and other topics as polls and general musings.

On my short stories blog (, I monthly present 2–3 of my short stories and flash fiction as well as some selected stories by fellow writers.

The main novel I am working on consists of episodes in the life of four friends. The episodes are sometimes mystery, sometimes urban fantasy. They all end with the foursome having a common meal and – the recipe. The first seven chapters are done, about five more to come. My first inspiration for this work was Joan Aiken and her stories about the Armitage family. My second inspiration was a dream for the first episode. I am using a Scrivener test version for this work in progress. The day for making the decision of buying a full version (or not) is approaching. I am grateful for every piece of advice, my friends.  🙂

The second work in progress is an urban fantasy novel. The now adult Danny Wilde (from my short story Only You) writes his memoir about his life as a superhero. Progress is easier, as it is just one story. This WIP might actually be completed at the same time as the already mentioned one.

My third project is also based on one of my short stories: The Hawk at the Harbour – one of my readers suggested this – and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you!

My writing motto in brief:  There is always room for improvement.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As every writer has her/his own perception of life, every writer’s work is unique. I play with my writing – as do the other writers. I take on new challenges, leave my comfort zone and – grow as a writer. I am inspired by dreams, events, everything – as are the other writers. I listen to what my readers comment and I learn – as do the other writers. Each writer’s style may seem unique. What makes us really unique in the end – are our readers and their perception of how and what we write.

Why do I write what I write?

I write because I enjoy it. I love reading all kinds of genres, especially mysteries and thrillers. Reading and writing are inseparable, as many of you may be aware of by now: I am a fanatic reader. As a writer I realised very soon that I like to mix urban fantasy and mystery. This combination is fascinating and inspiring. I also write because I want to make the readers happy, to lead them places where they can also let their imagination flow. I also like to challenge myself: from generally writing in third person, I now also like writing in first person. I even started participating in Flash! Friday fiction.

How does my writing process work?

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

My process is quite different for my current projects. They all have only one thing in common: My little black notebook.

For my general blog I use a file for scheduling, keynotes and connections. For my short stories blog, I use my little black notebook, electronic newspapers, agent coincidence, and the comments of my readers. For the novels I use (separate!) mind-maps and sticky (computer) notes to keep track of the characters, their developments and the scenes. In addition, I compare the achievements and handle this like a typical lessons learned process.

As my time is limited due to a full-time job and my family, I cannot work on my projects more than two hours a day. Therefore it may take longer, sure; yet it is worth every minute.


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This blog tour is continued next weekend by two great writers:

Ali Isaac, Irish author, blog:

Ali is a great writer and blogger. Her ’10 statements’ will be published within the next days. Moreover, I just started reading Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean. A review will follow.  🙂

C. S. Boyack, American author, blog:

Craig is a great writer. His ‘10 statements‘ are already published. I started reading Wild Concept, Panama is one of my next reads. Reviews will follow.  🙂



13 thoughts on “Blog Tour – My Writing Process

  1. Great reading about your process, Karen! I found it inspiring and also helpful knowing how others work through their projects. I think it’s great also to see the variety of methods you’ve utilized to bring the words on paper! 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Jack! How we all handle our writing projects depends on our mindsets, experience, external influences by writers, non-writers, films, events, etc. Our way of thinking is vital for our (hopefully successful) writing process. I am looking forward to learning about your writing process. 🙂

  2. Ooh, I did this on my blog recently too. I love reading about other writers’ processes.
    And you should totally purchase Scrivener. I think it’s totally worth it – especially for the determined writer. 🙂

    • Absolutely. It is intriguing to find out what writers have in common, or stuff they handle completely different. I love being inspired. Cheers!

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