Top 5 – Reasons to Read

QQ_Top5Spontaneous answer required!

reasons to read   🙂


  1. I need a change of place
  2. I feel adventurous
  3. I read to someone
  4. I want to learn
  5. I cannot help it!  😀


Your answers? Thrill me!  :-)



33 thoughts on “Top 5 – Reasons to Read

  1. Great list!
    1. Because, yeah, I can’t help it 😀
    2. I want to meet exciting characters
    3. I want to lose myself
    4. I want to escape real life
    5. I want to inspire my own creativity!

  2. 1. Because I need entertainment while I eat.
    2. To learn.
    3. To be a better writer.
    4. To reflect.
    5. To expand my little bubble of experience.

  3. Karen, I read for all the reasons you mentioned and will add: to relax, to help me sleep (strangely enough it is interesting books which act as an aid to sleeping…books I find boring don’t do it.), to enhance my writing (see Molly Mortensen’s list), to connect with other bloggers as now…:)

  4. 1. I can’t help it – back of toilet doors, graffiti on walls – if it’s there I’ll read it
    2. To learn – there’s always something new to find out
    3. To connect – to foster and strengthen relationships, loved ones, friends, friends-to-be
    4. To understand – the printed word conveys so much of ‘the meaning of life’
    4. To be entertained

      • We all need to visit other stories. This certainly applies to our different jobs and to folks who do not write at all. It is simply a great addiction.

  5. Oops,just realised that was 4 answers, not 5! Maybe I should read a book on learning to count..? 😉

  6. My main reason: I need to get out of my own head and into someone else’s for a while! If I don’t, my mind feels like it will try to devour itself.

    • This is a very important reason, Miranda. The more you feel part of the story the better you can relax, refuel your spirits, be yourself.

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