3 Quotes – Conor Kelly and the Fenian King

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Ali Isaac, Irish writer




“Never is a long time, even for the Sidhe.”

Annalee, Sidhe-Princess  (She says this to Conor Kelly, the story’s main protagonist, in response to his fear that he might never see her again.)


“Inside me lie all the answers to all the questions I’ll ever ask, if I only knew how to find them.”

Conor Kelly  (He says this in bitterness to the mad old Druid Finegas, about his desire to one day be able to walk.)


“Rest well, Grá mo Chroí, love of my heart.”

Sorcha, daughter of the Morrigan  (She says this to Ruairi, after she has just healed him from what should have been a mortal battle wound.)


Which is your favourite quote of Conor Kelly and the Fenian King?  🙂

As today is part for of Ali Isaac’s mini blog tour – I wanted to share some important quotes with you…















22 thoughts on “3 Quotes – Conor Kelly and the Fenian King

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  3. Btw, grá mo chroí is Irish and means ‘love of my heart’… you say it a bit like this graw mo khree (ch is pronounced soft as in loch, or lough).

    • Thank you, Ali. I knew what it meant – did not have a clue about the pronunciation. Gaelic has not yet found its way into my brain. Apparently I didn’t try hard enough, yet. 😦

    • These quotes are an awesome addition to my quotes series, Ali. 🙂
      I have to thank you for participating and – for introducing Annalee. It is a shame that I have to read seven other books before having a chance to start on the Fenian King.

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