Poll: Which writing project surprised you most?

Which of your (writing) projects surprised you most?

Usual work – you normally write short stories, or flash fiction, or novels, or novellas, etc.

Usual genre – you normally write urban fantasy, or horror, or science fiction, or romance, etc.


Was the surprise positive or negative?


What are your thoughts? Thrill me!  🙂



5 thoughts on “Poll: Which writing project surprised you most?

  1. My most “epic” work was a musical:) Almost 40 years ago, my second year in University… We were so creative, I don’t know where has my creativity gone… Well it was a short musical, but absolutely hysterical:) My friend and I wrote the lyrics.

  2. Looks like from the votes so far, everyone’s had pleasant surprises! Mine occurred when I attempted to write a post-apocalyptic story set in the near future. It would be classified as horror, and that’s outside of my normal genre of literary fiction. I submitted the story to an anthology and was pleased that the editor enjoyed it.

    • This is what we all need – thes pleasant surprises right out of the blue. 🙂
      Inspiration hit you and made you write something out of the ordinary. Personal (writer’s) growth and an editor who enjoyed it is really awesome! Congrats!
      This happened to me: I occasionally contribute to Flash Fiction Friday to gain some experience. You might know that I didn’t used to like short stories at all. One Friday, the picture and keyword inspired me to a FF I really liked. I also published it on my inasmallcompass blog – and readers wanted to know more about FF: Neighbors! A ff series was born. And I love it! 🙂

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