Bob Ross – a memory



Robert Norman Ross
Bob Ross  –  The Joy of Painting
American painter, art instructor, television host

Born:  October 29, 1942 – Daytona Beach, Florida
Died:  July 4, 1995 – New Smyma Beach, Florida

My friend Erin invited me to guest post on her blog. She has lots of interesting topics and/or blog posts coming. Typical topics: Bob Ross, Sherlock, music, movies – just to name a few. If you remember my short story ‘The Hawk at the Harbour’, you may also remember the beautiful photos. Erin’s photos inspired me to write this story.

To learn more about Bob Ross, please visit my guest post over at Erin’s blog.



10 thoughts on “Bob Ross – a memory

  1. Ooh, Sherlock/music/movies sound pretty awesome to me (plus, if you’re writing the post I know it’ll be amazing!). Going to check out both your guest post and her blog now… 😀

    • Erin redid her blog, recently. She had some great stuff before, and I am sure that these topics will come up again pretty soon. I should have mentionend ‘Benedict’ as well. 😉

  2. I commented on Erin’s blog, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. I never knew all this about Bob Ross. I wonder just how many people he inspired to start painting.

    • Thank you for taking the time to visit Erin’s blog as well, Miranda. I am convinced that he he motivated at least tens of thousands. His technique helped me with my perception of the world around me. This is really important for a writer.

    • He was awesome. Especially his conversion from drill instructor to soft spoken and caring artist. I am glad to see that he is not forgotten. Did you like my painting?

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