3 Quotes – Challenges

I look for material that both interest me and challenges me. If I am drawn to the material and I have to work hard at it, the characters and the plots reflect the hours and hours of research.

David Baldacci, American novelist
born:  August 5, 1960
died:  –

You just never give up, no matter how hard the challenges are, and observe this world with a healthy dose of criticism and don’t just follow the herd like somebody else might do.

Renny Harlin, Finnish director
born:  March 15, 1959
died:  –

I love writing both fiction and memoir. Both have unique challenges; bottom line, fiction is hard because you have to come up with the credible, twisty plot, and memoir is hard because you have to say something true and profound, albeit in a funny way.

Lisa Scottoline, American author
born:  July 1, 1955
died:  –




Which are your favourite ‘challenges’ quotes?  🙂

This topic was suggested by Miranda Stone.



10 thoughts on “3 Quotes – Challenges

  1. That last one about memoir is interesting. I don’t really agree with her. Memoir doesn’t have to be humorous, do you think? And that isn’t the hard part about writing memoir anyway. It’s shaping an engaging and suspenseful story out of raw materials that really happened in a certain order.

    • You are a memoir expert, Luanne. 🙂
      As I never tried writing a memoir (admittedly not even thought about it), I considered a memoir as quite complicated. Your reviews show a lot that needs to be considered.

      • I would always refer to your expertise regarding memoirs. You have been studying it, studying leads to comprehending, comprehending means – drumrolls, please – being an expert.

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