Autumn in Ontario : Nicholyn farms Highlights

Enjoy this trip to Nicholyn Farms – presented by Erin. 🙂

Erin Waldie


It’s getting to the end of September, the leaves are starting to change in Southern Ontario. Last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit and purchase some Christmas gifts at Nicholyn Farms.  The gifts are for some friends and family in Ireland. I will be visiting them in December and had specific requests to bring back Maple Syrup, you can’t find it in Ireland.

Here are some highlights of my visit to Nicholyn Farms:

Nicholyn Farms is a family owned store started by Nick and Lynda . The store is now run by their son Shane and the shop has a great bakery and cafe that sells delicious soups and sandwiches.


Welcome to Nicholyn Farms, your year round choice for locally produced, organic and traditionally raised foods. Do you know where your food comes from? We do. The diversity on your plate can and should come from local producers.


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