Q&A: Which (book) character impressed you most in 2014?

This morning, a colleague asked me this:

So, you’re an avid reader. Which character in a book impressed you most this year?

I encountered many great characters (as usual), my spontaneous answer to this question (drum rolls, please!):

Lisa Burton


Lisa is a cop, she is a robot. She is incredible.  ❤

You’ll find her in C. S. Boyack’s awesome book ‘Wild Concept’ and on his blog http://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/.

Be ready to read my review in a few days. I’m just reading it for the second (and definitely not the last) time.  😀



20 thoughts on “Q&A: Which (book) character impressed you most in 2014?

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  2. I’ve already bought this book and it’s sitting on my Kindle right now, waiting to be read. 😀 Definitely coming up next in my TBR – so many books, so little time, but if Lisa is that impressive then there’s no way I can postpone reading about her any longer!

  3. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:
    Check this out Science Fiction fans. Karen reads a ton of books, and is very insightful. She chose Lisa Burton as the character who impressed her the most in 2014. I have a theory Lisa will be talking about this on my blog this weekend.

    • Well, the question came right out of the blue – the answer was spontaneous. And thanks for letting her be my guest.
      She will help me solve a case (inasmallcompass) and be interviewed about it (mytrainofthoughtson) – if it is all right with her and with you.

  4. That’s a really interesting question and one that makes me think back to what I’ve read. Your question is also interesting in that fictional characters could have an influence on non-fictional lives. For me, so far, it has been Jodi in The Silent Wife.

    • The longer I think about this question, the more interesting it becomes. There are so many outstanding characters in the books and/or stories we read. The most impressive ones do not have to be the heroes, they may be secondary characters and still be most important to us.

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