Saddle up! Time for Panama’s free day

Here’s another fine book by C. S. Boyack! It is free today. Enjoy. 🙂

Entertaining Stories

Tuesday, all day, my paranormal adventure, Panama, will be free. I have a theory some people are waiting for this one. It’s been pulling in some wonderful reviews.

Panama is the story of two former military men. The President knows they have unusual skills, and brings them together to investigate a mystery at the construction site of The Panama Canal.

This is a self serious story of the paranormal. It involves an international construction crew, and the magic represented is international in scope as well. A demon is spiriting construction workers away and turning them into an invading army. They are (barely) under the control of a Spanish Carlist rebel with designs on re-establishing Spain’s lost colonies.

Listen to what the reviewers are saying:

“The story takes several surreal twists and turns as it navigates its way through the unlikely pair?s adventures. It?s clear they don?t have a clue…

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4 thoughts on “Saddle up! Time for Panama’s free day

    • All books I have read so far and/or am currently reading by Craig are great. Whenever you read the name ‘Lisa Burton’, it is normally about the awesome main character of C.S. Boyack’s ‘Wild Concept’. 🙂

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