Madrid impressions – December 2014

Wolfgang and I visited Madrid from 2014-12-17 until 2014-12-21.

Some highlights…

Let’s play chess


A typical (street) Christmas tree


La Puerta de Toledo



T.G.I. Friday’s


Chicken taco in the back. My vegetarian Cobb salad in front.


TGIF – zoom in to read the name  😀


The zoo…


Flower power elephant


Elephants do cry – enriching their ambience


Dr. Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente


Mara – the Pampas hare


Africa in Madrid


Hungry giraffe


Awesome Swiss coffee…


Wolves’ siesta


Wolf – slowly waking up


Dreamy wolf


La Teleférica – our journey from one hill to the other and back

IMG_20141220_122824 IMG_20141220_122853 IMG_20141220_122942 IMG_20141220_122949 IMG_20141220_123100 IMG_20141220_123913 IMG_20141220_123932 IMG_20141220_123952 IMG_20141220_124046 IMG_20141220_124117 IMG_20141220_124427 IMG_20141220_124512 IMG_20141220_124611 IMG_20141220_124621 IMG_20141220_124726 IMG_20141220_124745 IMG_20141220_124830 IMG_20141220_124837



45 thoughts on “Madrid impressions – December 2014

    • I couldn’t agree more, Jo. It was a rather brief yet great time in Spain. 🙂
      My best wishes for you – may this be a wonderful 2015.

  1. ¸☆´.•´
    *.*★v . ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★ Ձ๏15
    ☆´¸.•★´ ¸.✶* ☆★
    │∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
    ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩
    │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█
    ۩๑ ӇƛƤƤƳ ƝЄƜ ƳЄƛƦ!﹗๑۩

    • Thank you very much, Jack! We did enjoy our stay, brief as it was. 14°C by day and blue sky – not Christmassy, rather spring-y.

  2. Thanks for sharing the trip’s photo album, Karen. How wonderful! Madrid looks amazing. I’d love to see the chess man and the flowery elephant, especially.

    • You’re welcome, Mark. The chess player is in a pedestrian zone. I was thrilled, couldn’t understand why nobody else admired him…
      The flowery elephant is opposite the elephants’ territory. They do quite a bit to entertain the elephants. The baby elephant in the picture wasn’t bored at all.

  3. Wow, Karen, I was in Madrid a few years ago and except for La Puerta de Toledo none of your photos bring back memories. I guess we were just in different parts! 🙂 But I really liked Madrid!

    • Thanks for the reblog. 🙂
      When visiting a town for the first time, we have not too many goals. This time we wanted to see Guernica (we did, there’s just no photograph to prove it), travel by Teleférica, visit the zoo. And we crossed Madrid by bus to see as much as possible.

    • Thank you, Charles. I love wolves. They deserved at least these three pics. It’s a pity that these guys were on their usual siesta. I could have watched them for hours…

      • I think I’ve yet to see wolves awake in a zoo. The ones that used to be in the one I’ve gone to since childhood slept throughout the entire day. I’d see them first and last, but they were rarely awake.

      • There is one zoo in Northern Germany. It is in Wingst. There, the wolves and the bears have a common – rather huge – territory, separate from the other animals. The wolves are more active there. It was awesome to watch them from above. They are surrounded by a fence, there are several wooden platforms for watching the animals.

  4. Madrid nice! My parents and sister visited Barcelona recently. I love that flowery elephant.

    • This elephant is a real work of art. It seemed to promise spring. 🙂
      At the entrance, the flamingos had to listen to Christmas carols all day long, though.

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