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Dear readers,

please welcome today’s interview guest Lisa Burton (famous character of C. S. Boyack‘s book ‘Wild Concept‘ – Craig’s website:! You may also know her from my ‘FF: Neighbors!’ series (

This interview is my way of celebrating my favourite book character of the year 2014.  🙂



Lisa Burton walks into the interview room and sits down. She wears a chequered flag print leather jacket, a black knee-length skirt, and white pumps. She scrunches her strawberry blonde victory rolls and crosses her tattooed leg over the un-inked one.


Thanks for coming to our video conference today, Lisa. Nice jacket.

Isn’t it cute? I picked it up in Vegas.

So what did you think of Whitelyn?

I liked it. The desert is so picturesque, and the people are all friendly.

Did you enjoy working on the case with Sheriff Jim?

I really missed police work. It’s hard having all this high-tech gear and not being able to use it. I had to keep some of my abilities under wraps, but that’s nothing new. I’m glad I didn’t have to shoot anyone.

What was the most unusual piece of evidence in this case?

I’m upset about the poor monkey. Luckily, they have found him a new home in the meantime. I suppose the most interesting was the business card that used lenticular printing.

So it changed images depending on how you looked at it?

Right. Dumb and dumber thought it magically meant only Steve could dial the right number.

So did Craig like the story?

Lisa leans forward and winks.

He’s still crowing about being a character in a story.

She lowers her voice and wobbles her head to mock.

‘I even got dialog in episode 39.’

She leans back in her chair.

He has no idea what it’s like to be a character in a story. Let him try getting shot with a Taser, or finding your friend completely disassembled.”

So what do you think of Jim Burrell?

He’s such a nice man, and he really cares about justice. He cares for Lester and the other people in Whitelyn. He also seems like the kind who would be good to work for. He’s a little bit blind to other things around him though.

What kind of things?

Well, it’s kind of obvious Trudy has feelings for him. I think he likes her too, but he’s embarrassed to act on them. She would be a good match for Jim, and he ought to wake up to that fact.

If you received another call for support, would you do it?

I suppose that all depends. I’d love to help, but I have responsibilities too. If I didn’t need to be gone too long, and Craig would watch Bunny, I’d do it.

So when are you heading back to the Writing Cabin?

I’ll probably leave today. I took several casinos for a lot of money.

She leans her head to the side and speaks out the side of her mouth.

A lot of money.

She uncrosses her legs and sits straight.

They won’t rest until I leave town. I’ll drain my tear reservoir before leaving so it doesn’t freeze. There’s a big storm over central Nevada.

You have a lot of high-tech equipment. Can you tell me if there are really aliens in Whitelyn?

No. I mean, I am capable, but I just can’t tell you.

Oh, come on. It will be our little secret.

Lisa stands up and makes a locking motion over her lips.

Sorry. Thanks for hosting me; gotta ride.

Thank you very much for joining me here today, Lisa!


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    • Thank you very much!
      Lisa is cool! At the same time she cares more about humans, animals, our planet, justice as most humans do… She’s the reason why I invented my favourite (book) character of the year. 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:
    Hey gang, Karen has an interview with my character, Lisa Burton. It’s sort of a wrap up to Karen’s story, Neighbors.

    This was a ton of fun for me. Thanks to Karen for taking Lisa on an adventure. This is posted on Karen’s other blog, My Train of Thoughts On. Make sure to follow it too if you picked up the story on In a Small Compass.

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