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Marigold’s avatar

I’m an avid explorer of all things fictional. I like all mediums, but if I could only pick one I’d pick books.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, I can’t stand the cold and love lounging about with a good book. I also love travelling (my major financial indulgence) and I always try to travel to places with colourful history and mythology.

I graduated uni with a science bachelor, went to work in the mines for five years, and now I’m back at doing a postgrad course to become a high school teacher.

I like my cozy mysteries to be about the mystery, and my paranormal fantasies to be about the magic. I will give most books a try, and am currently accepting indie books in exchange for an honest review. Please check out my blog for details.

I’ve been writing for ten years and have just self-published my first novel, a new adult urban fantasy called The Black Swan Inheritance. Please check it out! Also, if you would like to receive a free copy of my ebook in exchange for an honest review, I will be very happy to comply. Please email me at nogaku89@gmail.com


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My personal motto:

Work out what makes your happy, then work out what you’re willing to do to get it.

10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… procrastination, usually involving the internet. I’ll sit down at my laptop intending to work, and then somehow I end up on Facebook, WordPress, Goodreads…
  2. I lose track of time… when reading a good book. The sensation doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m a little spooked. Even when I’m wasting time, I have a good sense of how much time has passed by habitually checking my watch. Somehow, some books suck me in and I sort of ‘wake up’ and panic because I have no idea if I’m meant to be somewhere.
  3. I have always… daydreamed – all kids are encouraged to imagine, I just never stopped. My favourite thing to do is nothing, because then I can think, dwell, and explore inside my head. Whether it was as a passenger in long family journey by car, during particularly dull assemblies at school, or a quiet moment at home, daydreams are powerful, supportive imaginings. I love being able to create inside my head.
  4. I have never… done something I thought could be dangerous. I am a boring person, and that’s the way I like it. Having said that, my perception of danger has changed as I’ve gotten older, which is part of the reason I quit my job in the mines, and why I am now afraid of heights.
  5. Home means to me… family, although the city I was born and raised in will always feel like home. I love my mum, my dad, and my little brother. As long as I stay connected to them, I know I’ll be alright.
  6. I am inspired by… moments of peace. If I’m struggling with something, I go for a walk. The action really does ‘clear my head’. Every time I felt I’d run out of ideas, I’d go for a walk through the neighbourhood and come back with renewed creativity. Maybe it has something to do with getting the blood flowing to brain, or maybe it’s because when you are walking, you can’t just flick on the TV or check your phone. There are no distractions in a quiet neighbourhood, only inspiration.
  7. I would like to meet… Leiah Cooper from soireadthisbooktoday.com, my friend, fellow blogger, and editor! I have no idea when I’d be able to get to America, but I promise when I get over there I’ll make a beeline for her house.  🙂
  8. My worst character trait… My shyness. I’ve always been shy, and I recognise that if I were more outgoing I’d be professionally more connected, but I accept who I am. I don’t actually want to change it, but I know an outgoing personality could open up more doors.
  9. My best character trait… I like to think it’s my honesty, but that can sometimes be a flaw. I like to think I’m a kind person, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I aspire to kindness – I suppose that’s my best trait.
  10. The best advice I was given… “No one gets through high school unscathed.” My dad told me that, after I’d finished high school. I pass on that little gem  to anyone who will listen, and one time this guy told me that high school was the best days of his life. I told him I didn’t believe him, but he was adamant about it. I actually feel really sorry for him. If high school’s the best days, then everything’s goes downhill after that!
    Yeah, I didn’t really like high school. I have no regrets though, because I’m happy with the person I’ve become, and that couldn’t have happened without all the experiences I had. BUT if someone gave me the option to do it all again, I would run like hell. I do not want to be a teenager again!


The Black Swan Inheritance (Book 1, The Black Swan series)

Genre:  Paranormal, New Adult



Review:  The Black Swan Inheritance


8 thoughts on “10 Statements – Marigold Deirdre Dicer

  1. Being a fellow Brisbanite I was intrigued to read your ten statements. I can certainly identify with a few. Interesting reading – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Aw, thank you June! But I’m working hard on making my life nice, boring and peaceful life 😉 Having said that, it’s nice to know that some people find me interesting. Very nice indeed.

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