Jena impressions – April 2015

Alternative titles for this blog post:
“2 tickets to paradise and back” or
“To paradise and back in one day” 🙂

For years we have passed the station “Jena – Paradies” (Paradies = paradise) on our way to Leipzig or Berlin – without ever alighting and/or visiting Jena. Wolfgang decided it was time for a change. He bought first class tickets for the ICE (intercity express) as well as tickets for a musical at the planetarium.

On Friday, 2015-04-10, 6:35 a.m., we boarded the ICE, reaching our goal at 8:43 a.m. We had to hurry to claim our tickets for the matinée. Despite that I had sufficient opportunity for taking some nice shots.

The train station Jena – Paradies and our train:


The bus station Jena – Paradies:


First impressions:




The Planetarium before going in:


Right before the show (“Unendlich und eins” = Infinite plus one):


After the show:


Jena city centre:





The view from the tower:

20150410_164359 20150410_164408 20150410_164607 20150410_164613 20150410_164622 20150410_164631 20150410_164641 20150410_164654 20150410_164701

Before heading back to the train station – guess what? We visited a pub. 😀

Wolfgang had a Newcastle Brown Ale, I had a pint of Guinness.

We had a great time in the Fiddler’s Green pub:

20150410_170654 20150410_170717 20150410_170809 20150410_170840 20150410_172017 20150410_172041

Some evening shots right before our train arrived – Goodbye, Paradies!

20150410_180109 20150410_180118 20150410_180123 20150410_180822



7 thoughts on “Jena impressions – April 2015

    • It was a great day. We always look out for interesting places, trying to return and discover nice locations, meet new people, etc. Thank you for the praise. 🙂

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