Franconian Open Air Museum

Date:  2015-05-14

Occasion:  Wolfgang’s birthday

Location:  Germany, Bavaria, Franconia, Bad Windsheim
(Bad = health resort, spa; Windsheim = home of the wind)

The GUIDE TO THE MUSEUM is available in German, English and French. The cited introduction is followed by some photographs (taken with my Galaxy A5).

“A Museum of Traditional Buildings From Rural and Small-Town Franconia

The Fränkisches Freilandmuseum is a museum of cultural heritage. On an area of around 50 hectares it documents the history of Franconian rural communities – how they lived, their crafts, and how they built their homes. Although one of the youngest museums of its kind in Germany – we only started assembling our first buildings in 1979 – the Franconian Open Air Museum now sports over one hundred buildings spanning seven centuries. The museum is run by the Municipality of Mittelfranken (Central Franconia), but it represents building styles from all of Franconia. This is reflected in the three regional groupings of the museum: to the west is the village of houses from western Central Franconia and Lower Franconia (Group West: Mainfranken, Frankenhöhe), to the east are buildings from the area around Nuremberg and Upper Franconia (Group East: Regnitzfranken, Frankenalb), and to the south is the Group South: Altmühlfranken. Finally, there are the three separate groupings: Middle Ages, Industrial Heritage and Town. The fields and meadows separating these groups and ‘villages’ are being managed in traditional ways.”

20150514_101006 20150514_10121920150514_101043 20150514_101102 20150514_102028 20150514_103808 20150514_105317 20150514_105623 20150514_105854 20150514_110141 20150514_110205 20150514_110448 20150514_11051520150514_115608 20150514_120814 20150514_135042 20150514_135155 20150514_140817 20150514_140910 20150514_14213420150514_142149 20150514_145600 20150514_153211 20150514_153222 20150514_153226 20150514_154541 20150514_154612 20150514_154622 20150514_154659 20150514_154829 20150514_160736

The beer you see on the table is a local brew – spicy and refreshing. The vegetarian dish on the same table consists of fried eggplant with a garlic/pink pepper dip.

If you love typical Franconian food and appreciate great beer – be sure to visit the Franconian Open Air Museum in Bad Windsheim.


13 thoughts on “Franconian Open Air Museum

    • It is a great place to be. I used to be a pescetarian, converted to vegetarianism some months ago. This eggplant/dip combination was remarkable.

    • It is peaceful, seemingly far away from all noise and troubles. And yet it is not too far from the so-called Metropolitan region Nuremberg – Fuerth – Erlangen.

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